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would use every opportunity for furthering the interests of the Association. It deserves to be noticed that the number of members has in the past year risen from 119 to 156. The income has, in consequence, increased from £78 to £93.
The Rev. J. M. Groldreich, in forwarding a subscription from the Ballarat Branch, which is almost double the amount received in preceding years, mentioned that his Committee had been reorganised, and that it was imbued with the deepest interest in the work of the Association.
The terrors which in previous years drove numbers of Jewish families into foreign countries appear to have subsided in the past year, and a hope is entertained that, as the result of the all-important task confided to the Law-Revision Commission of Count Pahlen, justice will be done to the millions of Jews who at present suffer from the effect of restrictive legislation. The Council have noticed an encouraging proof of enlightenment in the fact that a Patriarch of the Orthodox Church (in Turkey) has admonished the subordinate clergy to preach perfect toleration and brotherly love, without making a distinction between followers of one creed and another. It may be anticipated that the dignitaries who constitute the Synod of the Russian Church will exert their influ-
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