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dents of Birmingham pledged themselves to give vigorous and extended support to the objects of the Association. At the same meeting well-earned encomiums were passed on the excellent services of the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Selim S. Samuel, who, in consequence of his intended removal to London, had tendered his resignation. Mr. David Davis was elected to the office vacated by Mr. Samuel.
The Council have had the gratification of receiving from several Branches cordial expressions in appreciation of their efforts to mitigate the sufferings of oppressed Jewish populations in the East.
The Canterbury (New Zealand) Branch put into circulation an appeal in which the claims of the Association to public support were ably and powerfully advocated. The Council desire to call the attention of the several Branches to the benefits which would accrue to the Association from the periodical issue of similar appeals.
The Council have heard with regret of the premature death of Mr. D. Lee Ascoli, who had rendered useful services to the Association during the short time he held office as Hon. Secretary of the Panama Branch. Mr. Joshua Piza, on quitting London for Panama, stated that he was willing to undertake the office of Hon. Secretary, and that he would strenuously promote the aims of the Association. This promise he has promptly fulfilled.
Mr. M. de I. Abecasis, who by rotation has succeeded Mr. Aaron A. Cohen in the Hon. Secretaryship of the Calcutta Branch, assured the Council that he
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