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cester. and North Shields, where he formed new Branches. Many new members were inscribed in these towns.
A cordial expression of thanks was voted to the Secretary for the successful performance of this arduous work.
I he Council wish to put on record their thanks for the efficient help the Secretary received on his visit to Newcastle on the 19th of October. After he had delivered in the Synagogue an oration bearing on the duties devolving on the Anglo-Jewish Association, a public meeting, under the chairmanship of Mr. Andrew M. Cohen, President of the local Branch, was held in the Schoolrooms of the Newcastle Congregation, when useful addresses were delivered by the following visitors:-Mr. Lionel E. Pyke, a Member of the Council; Mr. Gr. L, Abrahams, President of the West Hartlepool Branch; Mr. B. L. Benas, President of the Liverpool Branch; and Mr. E. M. Iienriques, President of the Manchester Branch. Mr. S. M. Harris, the Honorary Secretary of the Newcastle Branch, was indefatigable in the assistance which he rendered to the Secretary, whom he accompanied during several days in canvassing visits to residents of Newcastle and also (jointly with Mr. Meyer Cohen) of North and South Shields.
On the 25tli of January the Secretary attended by invitation a meeting of the Birmingham Branch. His explanation of the tasks devolving on the Anglo-Jewish Association was followed by a unanimous resolution of the meeting, whereby the Jewish resi-
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