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fourteenth annual report,
yourselves, we regard it as the mission of the modern Jew to retain within the community of Israelites, in undiminished force, the love and the pursuit of that knowledge which has been the mightiest factor in human civilisation, and which, in the end, will wrest from the persecutors of defenceless men the terrible rod of persecution.
The Alliance in Paris having initiated the grand work of philanthropic union amongst right-minded Israelites, the Anglo-Jewish Association took up the same work fourteen years ago. The two bodies have since then jointly promoted the great objects of Jewish culture and of Jewish love. The peaceful triumphs of the Alliance Israelite have therefore aroused a sense of profound joy and of brotherly emulation among the Jewish citizens of the British Empire.
All our antecedents bear evidence of our earnest intention to aid, with our influence and our resources, the good work upon which the Alliance is embarked; and we shall always be willing to go hand in hand with you in giving effect to the great ideas which you bring with renewed prominence before the world on the present anniversary of the noble Alliance Israelite.
With assurances of my profound regard and esteem for yourself and your co-members,
I remain, dear Sirs,
Yours truly,
H. de Worms.
In July the Council, with the view of bringing the Branches in the United Kingdom into closer contact with the parent body, resolved that a series of public Addresses should be delivered in various towns in which the Anglo-Jewish Association has members. The Secretary accordingly visited, in the months of August, September, and October, the following five Branches:—Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle and Nottingham. He also visited Dublin, Lei-
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