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address to sir moses montefiore.
On the occasion of the completion of his hundredth year, the Council addressed to the venerable Sir Moses Montefiore the following letter:—
To Sir Moses Montefiore, Bart., F.RS.
The Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association rejoice in conveying to you their heartfelt congratulations on the day, when amidst an outburst of thanksgiving to Almighty God, you are happily completing the hundredth year of your life. This auspicious anniversary recalls to the mind of every thinking Jew, the many prominent deeds of beneficence by which you have ardently and vigorously served the cause of humanity both in this country—the glorious home of liberty and freedom—and in lands where humiliating restrictions have exposed our Jewish brethren to the anguish of merciless persecution.
Our co-religionists in every quarter of the globe will ever gratefully cherish your devoted efforts for the well-being of the Community; and with them we now fervently join in the universal supplication to Almighty God, that He in His mercy may spare you to witness the realisation of those high aims and aspirations by which you have earned the enduring veneration and affection of your fellow-men.
We have the honour to be, Sir, with profound esteem, Yours faithfully,
Henry de Worms, President. A. Lowy, Secretary.
100, Sutherland Gardens, W.,
2Qth October, 1884.
Simultaneously with the foregoing address, similar congratulatory letters were sent to Sir Moses Montefiore, through the medium of the Council, from the Manchester Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and from Jewish Congregations in Adelaide (South Australia) and New York.
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