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b. L. benas, Esq., President. J. samuel, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. H. M. sllvee, Hon. Secretary.
Alfeed L. Benas, Esq. Louis Davis, Esq. H. Gabeiel, Esq. Dr. S. Lewis. A. llebschutz, Esq.
Augustus S. Levy, Esq. R. Robinson, Esq. S. Steen, Esq. A. H. Samuel, Esq. C. S. Samuell, Esq.
Rev. Joseph Polacic, B.A. Rev. H. Bueman.
We liave to report that owing to tlie general meeting convened in August last, which was addressed by the Rev. A. Lowy, we have retained a large number of subscribers who might otherwise have fallen off, and we have to some extent obtained fresh adherents.
On the occasion of the centenary of Sir Moses Montefiore, a congratulatory telegram was sent on behalf of the Liverpool Branch, to which a courteous and sympathetic reply was received. Some dissatisfaction was expressed by the Members of our Local Branch that the annual volume did not reach the Subscribers until several months after it was issued in London. Great satisfaction is taken in the proceedings of the Association, and the contents of the annual issue are looked forward to with much interest, being the only record local Members have of the actual working of the Council in London -—hence it is of the utmost importance that the volumes should be issued promptly. The President of the Branch visited Egypt and Palestine during the months of April and May, and his report will be found in the body of the proceedings.
B. L. Benas, President.
J. Samuel, Treasurer.
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