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than 5)000 children. But the area of public instruction requires to be considerably enlarged. Owing to the want of properly supported schools, more than 10,000 children are left in ignorance. The Council venture to suggest to Members, especially those who now contribute fiye or ten shillings, to double their annual subscription, and also to aid by inscribing new members.
The Council again take occasion to plead for education as the highest and holiest cause of the Jewish Community. For it is universally admitted that a proper Jewish education means the extinction of ignorance, of idleness, of pauperism, and of prejudices from within and without; and therefore the Council hope that many friends of education will come forward to take a beneficent part in this work of civilisation. It should be borne in mind that every half-guinea contributed to the present income of the Association will enable the Council to provide education for an additional child.
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