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Tewson, J.. Esq.
Todd, (J. S.. Esq., The Town
Twiss, E. C., Esq., J.P. . * Willows, Holt & Willows Wilson, A. P., Esq., The Deputy Town Clerk Wilson, C. H., Esq., M.P. *Winkley, J., Esq. .
Witty, E. H., Esq., The Town Treasurer .
£ s. d. 0 5 0
0 5
0 5
1 1
0 5 0 10
1 1
Hull.—cont. £ s.
Hill, J. II., Esq. . . .11 Johnson, C. H., Esq., M.R.C.S. 0 5 Logan, H., Esq. . . .05 McOormiek, Canon, Vicar of
Hull ....
Moss, J. S., Esq.
Beckett, J., Esq.
Rollit, Dr., The Eight
Worshipful the Mayor. . 0 10 0 *Shepherdson, W.. Esq. . . 0 10 0 Sissons, T., Esq. . . .10 0 Smith, Gerard, Lieutenant-Colonel, M.P. . .110
* Donations.
*** Owing to unavoidable circumstances, the Balance Sheet did not arrive in time for being printed in this Report. It will be reproduced in the ensuing year along with the Balance Sheet for 1880.
A. Lowy.
0 5 0
julius zosseniieim, Esq., President.
paul hlrscii, Esq., Vice-President.
hexky worms, Esq., Vice-President.
JACOB SLOMAK", Esq., Vice-President end Treasurer.
A. Harris, Esq. Edward Davis, Esq. Rev. f. H. forlezer. M. Goodman, Esq.
H. JOSEPHY, Esq. Bernard Josephy. Esq. S. Kraicauer, Esq.
II. S'l'arfield, Esq., Auditor. S. wolfson, Collector, 28, Belgrave Street, Leeds.
The Members of the Leeds Branch have pleasure in reporting a fairly successful year, thanks to the energy and perseverance of the Executive. The Branch has viewed with great interest the admirable measures the Association is adopting for ameliorating the condition of our poor brethren in foreign lands, and its indefatigable efforts to stem persecution. Above all does the Branch approve heartily of the continuous and
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