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Communities such, advantages as the citizens of free countries can liberally bestow, the Council have continued to attach the utmost importance to the dissemination of useful knowledge in Schools which the Anglo-Jewish Association has aided, in conjunction with other societies, and also with philanthropic men whose modesty have in some cases forbidden the mention of their names.
It is a distinctive feature of the Eastern Schools, in the support of which the Anglo-Jewish Association takes part, that children of non-Jewish denominations are admitted without any encroachment upon the religious belief of their parents. Mahome-dan children are received in the Jewish School of Jerusalem—a School which has a great future before it—and which, jointly with other important institutions, merits the strenuous support of every well-wisher. In other Eastern Schools aided by the Anglo-Jewish Association, Christian and Mahomedan children are freely admitted. In the correspondence with directors of schools, the Council have successfully recommended, where practicable, a fusion between the schools for the poorest children (the Talmud Torah schools) and the institutions supported by this Association, so as to afford the children of the indigent classes all the advantages of a good training. They have also on every occasion urged the grafting of Trade schools on Elementary schools, in order to place within the reach of the rising generation the prospect of eventually earning a respectable subsistence. At the present time the Council are aiding in the education of more
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