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accounts. The former sum, equivalent to £93 8s.' 5d., was duly remitted to the Parent Body by two instalments, viz.:— On the 6th June last ... ... £85 12 2 On the 9th December last ... 7 16 3
293 8 5
The Committee still hope that they will be enabled to remit during the current year a much larger amount by the increase in the number of Members.
Aatcon A. Cohen. Hon. Secretary.
The Second Annual General Meeting of the Anglo-Jewish Association, Calcutta Branch, was held on the ! 1th January, at the "Bethel" Synagogue, when the following Members of Committee and Subcribers were present:—Elias S. Grubboy, Esq. (Vice-President), in the chair, E. Meyer, Esq., E. M. 13. Cohen, Esq., S. E. Ezra, Esq., R. Sassoon, Esq., A. E. Arakie, Esq., J. 8. Cohen, Esq., M. De J. Abecasis, Esq., E. E. Ezra, Esq., Eev. S. M. Lanyado, Moses S. E. Moses, Esq., Joshua Simon, Esq., Aaron A. Cohen, Esq. (Hon. Secretary), D. A. Grubboy, Esq. (Hon. Treasurer).
1. The Report of the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Aaron A, Cohen, having been read and the Accounts rendered, they were accepted with satisfaction.
2. Proposed by Mr. Aaron A. Cohen, and seconded by Mr. R. Sassoon, " That Mr. M. De J. Abecasis be elected a Member of the Committee." Carried.
3. The Hon. Secretary and Treasurer having retired, it was proposed by Mr. E. Meyer, and seconded by Mr. S. E. Ezra, "That Mr. Abecasis be appointed Hon. Secretary for the current year, and Mr. R. Sassoon to be the Treasurer." Carried.
4. Proposed by Mr. Aaron A. Cohen, and seconded by Mr. Abeasis, " That all the Office bearers be re-elected for the current year."
5. Mr. Abecasis having brought to the notice of the Meeting, through the medium of the Jewish Chronicle, that a Jewish British subject was severely ill-treated by the authorities at Mandalay, it was decided that the Secretary should take proper steps to get full particulars and lay it before the Committee.
A vote of thanks was proposed by the Vice-President to the retiring Hon. Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer for their zeal and valuable services to the Association for the past year.
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