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S. D. SASSOON, Esq., President.
J. E. sassoon, Esq., Vice-President.
Haeem Samuel KehimkeR, Esq., Treasurer. selim s. Solomon, Esq., Honorary Secretary.
S. abraham, Esq. J. I. David, Esq. S. H. David, Esq. S. J. David, Esq. M. D. Ezekiel, Esq. E. M. Moses, Esq. S. M. Moses, Esq.
s. E. shellim, Esq.
David Aaron Gudker, Esq. Joseph Samuel Kei-iimker, Esq. Samuel Moses Killaker, Esq. Reuben Benjamin Penker, Esq. Joseph Ezekiel Rajpoorker, Esq. Jacob Samuel Shirkolker, Esq.
Minutes of a General Meeting of the Members of the Bombay Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, held at the office of Messrs. David Bassoon and Co., on Sunday, the 29th March, 1885, at 4 p.m.
Present:—S. D. Sassoon, Esq., President, in the Chair; J. E. Bassoon, Esq., E. Moses, Esq., S. M. Moses, Esq., S. E. Shellim, Esq., S. S. Solomon, Esq., M. D. Ezekiel, Esq., J. I. David, Esq., J. A. Nathan, Esq., Henry Solomon, Esq., J. M. Moses, Esq., Salem S. David, Esq., S. A. Ezekiel, Esq., Jacob Aaron, Esq., Haeem Samuel Keliimker, Esq., Joseph Samuel Kehimker, Esq., Reuben Samuel Kehimker, Esq., David Aaron Gudker, Esq., Samuel Moses Killaker, Esq., Shalom Samuel Nowgawker, Esq., Moses Elijah Rajpoorker, Esq., Joseph Ezekiel Rajpoorker, Esq., and others.
The Chairman addressed the meeting as follows :—
" We have met to-day for the transaction of purely formal business as usual at the commencement of the year. Nothing worth recording has transpired during the past twelve months in connection with our local branch, but the parent Association has been prominently forward in all matters connected with the education and protection of our less fortunate brethren in all parts of the world. Its energetic efforts to alleviate the
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