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who alludes to the general character of the Jews in Morocco in terms of high praise. In acknowledging the action taken by the British Jews, Colonel Mathews observes :—
While high credit is due to your Association and kindred ones for their endeavours to raise the status of Morocco Jews by the benefits of education, your vigilant solicitude on their behalf is most beneficial to the whole country, as it will eventually waken the Sultan's Government to a sense of duty towards His Majesty's Jewish, as well as Mahomedan subjects, when they see the perseverance with which civilised powers defend the rights of humanity, thanks to your action.
No progress has hitherto been made in mitigating the wretched condition of the Jews in Roumania. In that country the Legislature, the majority of officials, nearly every journal, and all the rivals of the Jews in commerce, industries, and handicrafts, seem to go hand in hand with half-educated anti-Semites, to embitter the existence of the poorer classes of Jews, and to throw the Jewish population into destitution to an extent which cannot be adequately relieved by the hand of charity. This deplorable state of things has been brought under public notice by the President and by Mr. Serjeant Simon in the House of Commons, by the Secretary in the Press, and by an able publication which has been prepared by Mr. D. F. Schloss, under the title of "The Persecution of the Jews in Roumania." As Englishmen, the Council have reason to place implicit reliance on the ultimate triumph of justice, which, they believe, must in the end be accorded to the Roumanian Jews.
Whilst seeking to confer upon unfortunate Jewish
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