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E. D. J. ezra, Esq.. President. E. s. gubboy, Esq., Vice-President. J. E. D. Ezra, Esq., Treasurer. R. M. cohen, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
A. R. belilios, Esq. A. A. cohen, Esq. E. M. D. Cohen, Esq. a. S. Gubboy, Esq. ezekiel S. GilBBOY, Esq. H. S. Howard, Esq.
i. s. H. Isaac, Esq. R. S. H. isaac, Esq. a. n. E. judati, Esq. J. R. J. leveroy, Esq. Elias Mayer, Esq. R. bassoon, Esq.
A Meeting of the Jewish inhabitants of Calcutta was held on February 22nd, 188-3, in the Beth El Synagogue, Pollock Street, to consider a proposal made by the Anglo-Jewish Association of London for the formation of a Branch of that body in this city. The chair was taken by Mr. E. D. J. Ezra, who introduced to the meeting Mr. D. F. Schloss, a member of the Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, who proceeded to explain the constitution and objects of that body. The Anglo-Jewish Association was, he said, formed in the year 1870 on the model of and in connection with the Alliance Israelite Universelle of Paris, which had been founded by the distinguished French statesman, Adolphe Cremieux, and similar bodies now existed in Berlin and Vienna. All these institutions are in intimate connection with each other, and with a similar body in New York. The principal Jews of Europe and America are thus enabled to continue their influence with a view to afford a helping hand to their Jewish brethren in the numerous countries where the Jews still labour under civil and religious disabilities, and are the victims of oppression. To secure the improvement of their condition the Jewish Associations use their influence with the various Governments, especially such as, like the British Government, are ever ready to assist to the utmost of their ability in checking intolerance and persecution. In this way in Boumania, Bussia, Morocco, Persia, and other half-civilised countries, the position of the Jews has been rendered less precarious, and some protection afforded them against violence and injustice. At the same time, by means of liberal subscriptions, these
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