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possible by the attention paid to its representations by the British Government, had conferred inestimable benefits on Jewish individuals and communities located in countries where they were still subjected to acts of oppression. Mr. Schloss also alluded to the Local Branch of the Association, which had hitherto consisted only of Members of the Beni-Israel Community, but which, he hoped, would develop increased usefulness by the additional influence, to be derived from its reorganisation under the auspices of the Messrs. Sassoon and other gentlemen present.
The Chairman proposed the following resolution :—
" That tlio Bombay Branch of the Anglo-Jo-wish Association be formed anew, and that this Meeting agree to give it the fullest possible support."
After Mr. Schloss's eloquent address, he said, but few words were required from him to induce his hearers to associate themselves with the reorganisation of the Branch Society in Bombay. The parent Association in London had done and was still doing a vast amount of useful work in rendering aid to their brethren all over the world in improving their status intellectually and politically, and it would be an honour and a pleasure to the Jews of Bombay, whenever it might be in their power, to co-operate in carrying out such a good object. He (the Chairman) would be glad to assist the movement to the utmost of his ability, and he placed his services unreservedly at the disposal of the meeting. At tho same time he expressed his thankfulness to Mr. Schloss for the trouble he had taken in bringing the subject to the notice of the Community and in elucidating it on this occasion so clearly and satisfactorily.
The resolution, which was carried unanimously, was seconded by Mr. Selim S. Solomon, who thought great credit was due to the Beni-Israel gentlemen who had first constituted the Branch Society, and particularly to Mr. Haeem Samuel, who had devoted his time and energy to its service and to that of the School established under its auspices. He added that the cooperation of Mr. Haeem Samuel and some of the other old members would be invaluable in reorganising the Branch.
On the motion of Mr. S. J. David, seconded by Mr. S. M. Moses, the gentlemen whose names are given above were elected honorary officers and members of committee of the Reorganised Branch, with power to add to their number.
Votes of thanks to Mr. Schloss and the Chairman closed tho proceedings.
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