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Report of the Reorganised Bombay Branch.
The Honourable s. D. sassoon, President.
jacob E. sassoon, Esq., Vice-President.
HAEEM SAMUEL, Esq., Treasurer.
selim S. Solomon, Esq., Honorary Secretary.
S. Abraham, Esq. J. I. David, Esq. S. H. David, Esq. 8. J. David, Esq. M. D. Ezekiel, Esq.
Joseph Ezekiel, Esq. S. M. Moses, Esq. Silas E. Bassoon, Esq. S. E. Shellim, Esq.
Minutes of a Meeting of the leading Members of the Jewish Community, held at the office of Messrs. David Sassoon and Co., on Sunday, the 24th December, 1882.
Present:—The Honourable S. D. Sassoon; Messrs. Jacob Sassoon, Silas E. Sassoon, 8. E. Shellim, S. M. Moses, S. J. David, Selim S. Solomon, M. D. Ezekiel, N". J. Abraham, Chas. I. Sassoon, N. I. 8. Sassoon, J. I. David, S. H. David, Henry Solomon, E. S. Gubbay, J. M. Moses, D. M. Moses, N. 8. Ezra, Joseph Meer, D. E. Moses, IJaeem Samuel, Joseph Ezekiel, and many others.
The following notice, which had been circulated, was read by Mr. Selim 8. Solomon:—
"A Meeting will be held at the office of Messrs. David Sassoon and Co. on Sunday next, the 24th December, to decide on the formation of a Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and to hear an address on the subject from Mr. D. F. Schloss, a Member of the Council of the Association in London. All Members of the Jewish Community who are interested in the subject are invited to attend."
It was proposed by M. Selim 8. Solomon, seconded by Mr. M. D. Ezekiel, and carried unanimously, that the Honourable S. D. Sassoon take the Chair.
The Honourable 8. D. Sassoon having taken the Chair, introduced Mr. D. E. Schloss, and intimated that the Meeting would be glad to hear what he had to say on behalf of and with reference to the Anglo-Jewish Association.
Mr. Schloss then gave an elaborate and interesting account of the Association and its aims and objects, citing many instances to show that its prompt and energetic action, rendered
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