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Association, as well as tko Representatives of the Beni-Israel Community of Bombay, cordially welcome you to the shores of India.
We fully appreciate the sympathy manifested by the Parent Association in London towards their Asiatic brethren-in-faith, and we are deeply grateful for their efforts to elevate the Beni-Israel Community from its present depth of mental and social degradation, by opening to its members special avenues of knowledge, which were not accessible to them before the establishment of the present School, founded under the kind auspices of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
We are indeed very much indebted to you for your having undertaken to obtain replies to questions bearing upon the improvement of such educational and social matters of our community as fall within the scope of the Anglo-Jewish Association, for we believe that, unless noble sympathies for your brethren-in-faith had been kindled in you, you would not have undertaken this duty.
This is the first occasion when one of our co-religionists in Britain has inquired in person into our condition, and we beg to assure you that your visit will therefore not be forgotten for a long, long time to come by the Beni-Israel community in general, and especially by our rising generation, for whose well-being you have been inspired by Providence to visit this land.
We trust that your visit will serve to bring into closer communion the different Jewish communities of the East and the West, and strengthen the mutual bonds of sympathy and friendship which appear to be slackened by the accidental differences of clime and tongue.
We earnestly hope that on your return home you will advocate the cause of your poverty-stricken co-religionists here among your wealthy and enlightened brethren at home, and induce the latter to extend to us a helping hand to mount the social ladder. We may incidentally point out, that a modest high school, at the cost of £100 a month, will go far to achieve the desired result. (What is this paltry sum to the merchant princes of the West!)
In conclusion, we pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, may bless you with good health during your sojourn among us, and in your voyage to other parts of the world, and conduct you safely back to your native land. May He give you long life and prosperity.
(Signed) Haeem Samuel,
President, Bombay Branch of the Anglo-Jewish A ssociation.
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