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APPENDIX B.—REPORT ON JEWISH SCHOOLS IN PALESTINE. 49 In addition to looking after these children, Dr. Herzber<
lias adopted a beautiful little girl whom he keeps with his family at his own expense. She is the daughter of a Russian refugee, and with her brother, one of the day boarders, had fallen into the hands of the London Mission, from whom they were rescued by Dr. Ilerzberg.
The last School I visited was the " DerechZion," or " Blumen-thal School, which is situated inside the walls of Jerusalem. It was founded eighteen years ago, but the founder being dead it is now dependent on subscriptions received from abroad. There are 62 boys in the School, all day pupils, and no meals are given, there being no funds for this purpose. The ages of the pupils are from 10 to 15 years. Many of them were well dressed, clean, and good looking. There are six teachers ; five for Hebrew, and one for Arabic. Only twenty boys learn Arabic; the course of instruction is limited to reading and writing. The chief subject studied is Hebrew ; from Sunday to Wednesday, the Talmud; Thursday, the Bible; Friday, writing; and Saturday, the Psalms. There are five class rooms, which were clean and fairly capacious. The language spoken in the School was Spanish, the children being Sephardim.
The education given at this School, as may be seen from the above remarks, is of a much lower standard than that at the more modern ones; nevertheless, at the period it was founded it was placed under cherem, the course of instruction being considered too liberal. This fact, when placed in juxtaposition with the attitude of the leading Rabbis to the School of M. Nissim Debar at the present time, exemplifies in a striking manner the progress of liberal ideas in conservative Jerusalem. Advantage should be taken of this change, to strike whilst the iron is hot.
Belfast, May 29th, 1883.
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