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On April 11 tli I visited the School of the Alliance Israelite at Haifa, of which M. Alphanderi is head master. There were 60 boys oil the register, of whom. 30 were admitted free, and 30 on payment of from 5 to 15 piastres (1 to 3 shillings) per month. They are all day-scholars, their ages vary from 7 to 18 years, and all are Sephardim.
The course of instruction embraces French, in which language history, geography, arithmetic, and elementary science are taught, three hours daily being devoted to these subjects; Arabic, ■ (reading, grammar, and caligraphy) two hours per diem ; and Hebrew, embracing the Bible, Talmud, and elementary grammar, to teach which the work Arugath Ha-bossem is used. French is taught by the Principal, assisted by a monitor ; Arabic by two Professors, and Hebrew by two, one for the Bible and the other for the Talmud.
In addition to the 500 francs received from the Anglo-Jewish Association, the Alliance Israelite gives a subvention of 1,500 francs, and pays the salary of the Principal, notwithstanding which the Budget shows a deficit. There are five class-rooms, and a yard with a small gymnasium. Instruction is given to the pupils in vocal music. Gifts of school materials, especially maps, are much needed.
There is no Girls' School in Haifa, excepting the temporary one for the children of the Samarin colonists, alluded to below. If one were started, about 50 girls would enter.
On the same day I visited the School established by the Galatz (Roumania) Central Committee, on January 1st, 1883, for the children of the Samarin colonists. This School is temporarily located in Haifa; it consists of three small class rooms, for which one napoleon per month is paid as rent. The head master is M. L. Kornfeld, and he has one assistant. There are 50 boys and 32 girls, all of whom are admitted free ; their ages are from 5 to 11 years. The course of instruction embraces Hebrew (Bible and grammar), German (reading, writing, and grammar). Sacred history and arithmetic are taught through the medium of German.
As soon as the School can be accommodated in Samarin, it will be removed there. Gifts of maps, German school-books, school material, etc., would be most useful.
O"^ April 16th I visited the agricultural Colony of the Alliance Israelite, " Mikveli Israel," an estate about 600 acres in extent, to which the late much-lamented M. JSTetter devoted so much time and energy. The land when first taken in hand, thirteen years ago, was of medium quality, but by careful cultivation it has improved enormously in value.
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