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schools in the east.
M. Pariente, the Head Master, lias sent a highly interesting Report on the educational work entrusted to his direction, which Report will be found in the Appendix.
Sofia.— (560 pupils: subvention by the Anglo-Jewish Association, £75.)—It deserves to be noted that all the pupils of this School are admitted without payment of fees, it having originally been established on this basis. It is commonly termed at Sofia the " Talmud Torali School."
The Government granted 2,000 francs to encourage the study of the Bulgarian language, and the Municipality added a subvention of 3,000 francs. Steps were being taken to obtain an additional grant from the Government with the view of extending the instruction of the vernacular amongst the Jewish community, which consists of 860 families, numbering about 6,000 souls.
Tetuan Girls' School.—(109 pupils : subvention by the Anglo-Jewish Association, £20.)—The heads of the Jewish Community having applied last summer for a contribution of 500 francs, to cover the deficit which had arisen in this newly formed School, a grant of this amount was made by the Council in the month of October. The School is divided into four classes, and a system is now in operation by which the more industrious pupils would be enabled to make their own clothing. A large number of girls had applied for admission, but had unfortunately to be excluded, owing to the want of sufficient accommo dation. The Council have been furnished with a
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