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schools in the east.
Constantinople.—(512 pupils: subvention by the Anglo-Jewish Association, £200.)—The Association has been favoured by M. F. Bloch, Inspector of the Alliance Schools in the Levant, with an elaborate and instructive Report, of which the following is an abstract : —
The Haskeui Girls' School was one of the first in the East, and received its original support from the Jacob Franklin Bequest Fund. The. School, which is divided into five classes and receives 192 pupils, chiefly depends on the grants from the Anglo-Jewish Association. From the amount remitted last year, £87 was devoted to this School, which has to provide the pupils with food and clothing in addition to teaching. Madame Fernandez had procured local help to cover the deficit.
The three " Schools of Refuge " in Constantinople demanded a large monthly allowance, towards which the community originally contributed 20 Turkish jjounds, but this subsidy has now ceased. One School had therefore to be closed, and the number of pupils was diminished from 400 to 200. The Conversionists profited by these difficulties, and the number of Jewish children at their Schools was on the increase, especially as the promoters of proselytism held out allurements in the shape of food, clothing and money.
There is reason to hope that the large Jewish Community of Constantinople will fully recognise the necessity of efficiently co-operating with the Alliance Israelite and the Anglo-Jewish Association in supporting their local educational institutions.
Damascus.—(100 pupils: subvention by the Anglo-Jewish Association, £50.)—This School is rapidly gaining in public favour, owing to the zeal and ability of the Head Master, Hons. M. Fresco. Fully agreeing with the views expressed by the Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, M. Fresco has promised to promote the formation of a Girls' School, His letter:?
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