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school, for which help the Committee are extremely thankful to them, but at the same time hope that the appeal made to them will be still more liberally considered. As regards the financial condition of the school the Committee are glad to state that it is a promising one. Last year the subscriptions and donations amounted to £,4,037-5-1, and the expenses amounted to £3,667-2-6, while this year subscriptions and donations brought £4,383-13-5 to the school, and the expenses incurred amounted to £3,977-9-9. Last year there were 150 boys and 76 girls, while at present there are 16/ boys and 86 girls on the register. The Government examiner made the following remarks regarding the schools : —" All the three schools have been making satisfactory progress. The Anglo-Vernacular School, which taught last year only the first standard, presented pupils this year under the first three standards with good results. Most of the boys studied two standards in the course of one year. The credit of this seems to be due partly to the teachers and the taught, and partly to the circumstance that in this institution pupils receive instruction for a greater number of days than in other schools. In both the vernacular schools the 4th standard was this year added to the first three. The results are, on the whole, pretty fair. But some of the classes did not do so well in arithmetic and dictation as they ought to have clone." From the above remark the Committee can conclude that the Bene-Israel children are really intelligent, and that they possess intellectual qualities which admit of easy development. If they are properly instructed they will be fairly on the way to gaining high honours in whatever paths they may pursue. The intellectual condition of the Bene-Israel children is a hopeful one. Their present mental endowments have been inherited by them from their parents, who have remained in ignorance through their helpless condition. But there can be no question that they are of no mean order, and that they deserve to be noticed and respected. Some of the Bene-Israels have achieved high honours in the military service. The male population of the Bene-Israel community is, in general, moral and virtuous. This remark is still more applicable to the softer sex, who are decidedly superior to men in virtue, in diligence, and in the care of their domestic concerns. It remains, then, for those who can appreciate and value these qualities to draw them out, and develop them, as far as possible, by utilising and economising them in the proper direction, and thus to increase and add to the happiness of the community and mankind in general.
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