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twelfth annual report.
efforts will be made to establish a Girls' School at Bagdad. The success of such a School would confer inestimable advantages upon the rising generation of the Bagdad Community.
Bombay. — (167boys and 86 girls: subvention £160). —This School, founded by the Anglo-Jewish Association in 1881, promises to become one of the most useful Educational institutions. It was visited by Mr. D. F. Schloss in the month of December, and by
Sir Julian Groldsmid, Bart.
the month of March.
With reference to this School, Sir Julian Groldsmid stated at one of the meetings of the Council, that he had been highly gratified with the attention and intelligence shown by the pupils, and with the unremitting energy and zeal displayed in behalf of the institution by Mr. Haeem Samuel, the President of the School. He was especially struck with the intelligence of the girls, a qualification which they appeared to share with their sisters in Europe, but the progress made by the girls in Bombay was the more praiseworthy, since instruction to females in the East was an innovation of but recent origin.
The following interesting Report has recently been issued by the Bombay School Committee -
The Israelite School Committee, in presenting their Second Animal Report, have much pleasure to state that the Beni-Israels of India, who were in sound slumber whilst progress was making its way through the varied population of India, have of late begun to show symptoms of new life and vigour. The greatest benefit derived from this school is that of religious education, which the pupils cannot obtain elsewhere. Jewish parents rightly think that if their children do not imbibe the principles of their religion at a tender age, they
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