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twelfth annual report.
ing grounds. The majority of Mogador merchants, whose commercial transactions were affected by the special tax levied on imports were Jews; and the burden of relieving their local Jewish poor falling also upon the same merchants, it appeared reasonable to memorialise the Sultan again, as his good intentions seemed to have been ignored by his Government as well as by the town officials at Mogador.
In February the Council had the satisfaction of being informed by one of their correspondents that, jointly with other heads of the Jewish Community at Mogador, he had succeeded in obtaining from the Sultan's Government an order directing the authorities to grant to the Jewish poor a fourth part of the tax especially levied for relieving the distress of destitute residents of Mogador.
Small-Pox at Mogador.—The Anglo-Jewish Association having some years ago promoted the training of two vaccinators, in order to counteract the periodical recurrence of small-pox, a request was received during last winter to re-engage the services of one of the vaccinators, on account of the re-appearance of that epidemic.
In compliance with this application, the Council have placed £10 at the disposal of the heads of the Mogador Community.
Outrage at Casablanca.'—Several correspondents having called the attention of the Anglo-Jewish Association to the barbarous conduct of the Governor of Casablanca, who had caused eight Jewish women to be flogged and ill-treated, the Secretary was directed to
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