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endeavouring, it seems, to evade compliance with the Shah's orders.
I have informed Mirza Sa'id Khan that no arrangement in respect to this matter, which does not provide for the hond signed under compulsion by the Jewish elders being returned to them, could be considered in any way satisfactory.
I have, &c.,
(Signed) Ronald F. Thomson*
The Earl Granville, E.G., etc., etc.
On the 5tla June the subjoined gratifying communication, with enclosure, was received from the Foreign Office, and was duly acknowledged by the Secretary of the Association:—
Foreign Office,
ith June, 1883.
I am directed by Earl Granville to request that you will inform the Associated Jewish Societies that the statement contained in their letter of the 21st ult., relative to the continued persecution of the Jews in Teheran, will be transmitted to Her Majesty's Minister in Persia.
I am at the same time to enclose for communication to the Societies a copy of a further despatch from Mr. Thomson* showing the result of his efforts on behalf of the Jewish Community, which is of more recent date than the correspondence which accompanied their letter above referred to.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient, humble servant,
(Signed) J. Pauncefote.
Ret. A. Lowy,
160, Portsdown Road, W.
my 2W, 1883.
My Lord,
With reference to your Lordship's telegram of the 16th ult., instructing me to intervene on behalf of the Jews
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