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13th April, and proceeded to memorialise Her Majesty's Government to use its good offices, with the view of averting the misfortunes with which the Jews in Teheran were threatened. The following reply was received:—
Foreign Office,
May 4I am directed by Earl Granville to transmit to you herewith, with reference to the letter of the Anglo-Jewish Association and the London Committee of Deputies of the British Jews, of the 13th ultimo, a copy of a despatch from Her Majesty's Minister at Teheran, relative to the oppression to which the Jewish community in that city have latterly been subjected at the hands of the Persian authorities, and describing the steps taken by him in order to cause a stop to be put to such proceedings.
I am to add that on the receipt of the letter above referred to, Mr. Thomson was instructed by telegraph to interpose in the name of humanity for the protection of the Jews of Teheran.
I am, Sir,
Your most obedient, humble servant, (Signed) Philip W. Cukrie.
Rev. A. Lowy,
100, Portsdown Road, W.
My Lord,
March 19 th, 1883.
I regret to have to bring to Your Lordship's notice an act of oppression and great injustice to which the Jewish Community in Teheran have lately been exposed at the hands of the Persian authorities.
It appears that a robbery was committed a short time ago in the house of a Persian official by a Mahomedan Syed, who made his escape and has not since been apprehended. A gold
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