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Government, (see for example last year's Report, page 29, with regard to Ispahan,) thanks to the influences which have been brought to bear upon the Shah since his visit to Europe. But this satisfactory condition is now and then disturbed by reason of the cupidity of the governing classes, and the barbarous state of the people. A painful instance of this occurred in the early part of the year. The following is the substance of a letter received from Teheran :—
On the 3rd of March last a Jew, Isaac Davish, was found to be in possession of a piece of jewellery, which was alleged to be part of a large quantity of valuables (said to be worth £2,000) that had been stolen from Mirza Ali Khan, son of the late Prime Minister of the Shah. Davish (by order of the Chief of Police, a European named Count Monteforte) was tortured by being held over a blazing fire. He then declared that he was a mere agent in the transaction, that he had been employed by one Haim Isaac, and by the thief, a Maho-medan, and that he had received for his services the article found upon him, together with £5 in money. Haim Isaac, being apprehended and similarly tortured, denied that he was an accomplice in the theft. Thereupon Bakshi, the Warden of the Jewish community, was thrown into prison, threatened with torture, detained seven days and asked to sign a bond for the payment of £2,000. Having resisted this demand, thirteen additional elders, including the Chief Rabbi, were arrested and kept in prison four days. The whole Jewish population, filled with terror, addressed to the authorities such timid appeals for justice as could be attempted, under the trying circumstances in which they were placed. In the end the heads of the community had to sign a bond pledging themselves to pay an impost of £2,000, an'engagement the fulfilment of which was altogether beyond their power. In the preliminary investigations, the indigent Jewish population of Teheran incurred expenses quite disproportionate to their means.
The Anglo-Jewish Association having been implored to intercede, a meeting of the Joint Committee of the Association and the Board of Deputies was held on the
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