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confidence in their social intercourse, and succeeded, by their influence and example, in removing some of the extravagant prejudices which used to disturb the relations of the two communities. The following instances illustrate the good feeling which animated both sides : When Dr. Moses Allatini, the chief of the Jewish community, died last year, the native Greeks took a leading part in the demonstrations of affectionate respect that were paid to his remains by all classes of the population ; they tolled their church bells and closed all their shops, and the clergy attended the funeral ceremonies. A month later when the Rabbis and leading Jews assembled in the principal synagogue to perform a service in memory of Dr. Allatini, the Greek clergy also attended, and one of them, with the approval of the Archbishop and the sanction of the Chief Rabbi, delivered in the synagogue an oration in honour of the deceased. In conclusion the writer referred to liberal bequests left by the late Dr. Allatini to Salonica schools of different denominations.
On the 19tli of July a telegram from Smyrna was received at the office of the Anglo-Jewish Association, concerning the conflagration which on the previous night had consumed 1,000 houses, of which 800 were inhabited by Jews. On the receipt of this intelligence, the Secretary was directed to inform the daily papers and the Jewish press of the catastrophe. Within a short time several hundred pounds were collected, and the contributions were forwarded to Smyrna, through the medium of Messrs. N. M. Rothschild and Sons.
To obviate at a future time the distress resulting from the recurrence of similar conflagrations in the populous cities of the Levant, it was suggested that the Anglo-Jewish Association should urge the Jewish
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