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Complaints have continued to be received by the Council concerning the stringent disabilities under which the Jews in Rou mania are labouring. The exclusive laws affecting the occupations and earnings of the Jews are not only enforced in all their severity, but are increased by the legislature in session after session.
The legislative encroachments upon the pursuits of the Jewish artisan and trader have had the effect of throwing the Jewish population into poverty and numberless other difficulties. The Roumanian Jews, despairing that the rights of citizenship will ever be conceded to them, and being in a state of extreme wretchedness, have formed numerous societies for the promotion of emigration. Their plans are chiefly formed with the view to acquiring settlements in the Holy Land, where the emigrants are to follow the pursuits of husbandry. But the emigration scheme cannot for the present be fully carried into effect, owing to difficulties which are interposed by the Ottoman Government.
As the interposition of the Anglo-Jewish Association has in former years been frequently invoked on behalf of the Servian Jews, who were treated with great
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