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1381 1880 1872 1872 Alexandria (Egypt) ...... Bedford ■>. ... ... ... Bekast ... ... ... •. • "■ Cheltenham ............ *25 6 9 7. . & s. cl. 17 2 6 1 15 6 3 5 0 2 0 0
In the month of July, a large number of Jews residing in Egypt took refuge in Malta, in order to escape the dangers to which they were exposed through the outbreak of the rebellion. On their applying for the assistance of the Anglo-Jewish Association, it was found that the special fund raised at the Mansion House for the benefit of Egyptian refugees was not available in this instance, and the applicants were accordingly advised to bring their case under the notice of the local Government. This appeal had the desired effect, and relief for the destitute refugees was obtained.
Urgent applications of a similar nature were received Irom Alexandria, where nearly 2,000 Jews were in distress, in consequence of the war. As they could not be relieved from the funds of the Anglo-Jewish Association, substantial assistance was procured from private sources.
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