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It is requested that on fitting' occasions this CANVASSING PAPER should be filled up and sent to the Secretary, or to any-Honorary Officer.
Dear Sir,
On the other side I have entered the full Names and Addresses of friends who wish to join this Association,' and to pay (in advance) a Contribution of at the end of each year.
I have informed my friends that their Subscription will entitle them to a Copy of the Annual Report, and to a Copy of the Laws of the Association. I have also mentioned that the Anglo - Jewish Association seeks to accomplish the following objects:—
1. To afford Protection to Jews who suffer in con-
sequence of being Members of the Jewish Community.
2. To encourage the Establishment of Jewish Schools
in Countries where otherwise no such Schools would exist, and also to adopt various other Practical Measures for the well-being of the Jewish Community.
1 am, yours truly,
To the Secretary.
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