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resolutions passed on the death of the rev. dr. de sola.
Montreal Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
Whereas, the Rev. Abraham de Sola, LL.D., a Chief in Israel, a man renowned for his learning, intellectual gifts, and kindness of heart, has been called away by the Great and Almighty Dispenser of Life and Death, and as we, the Council of the Montreal Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, wish to bear testimony to the great reverence and respect in which we held the deceased as a Pastor, Member of the Council of this Association, and a man in general, and being also desirous of expressing our profound sorrow and offering our heartfelt condolence to his bereaved widow and children in the loss they have sustained of the head of their family, while yet in the prime of life ; it was at a special meeting of the Council of this Branch, held for such purpose on Tuesday, 13th June, 1882, duly and unanimously
Resolved—That the Montreal Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association have learned of the death of their distinguished leader, Rev. Abraham de Sola, LL.D., with feelings of the deepest and most profound sorrow, and regard his loss on the Council Board as irreparable.
It was further
Resolved—That we, the Council of the Montreal Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association, for ourselves and on behalf of every member of the Branch, tender to the bereaved widow, Mrs. de Sola, our Secretary, Meldola de Sola, Esq., and the other members of his family, our sympathy in their sorrow, condolence in their grief, and regret in the irreparable loss they have sustained; and can only hope that our great God, who is a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless, will imbue them with the spirit of resignation, send them consolation, and support them in this the time of their greatest need and grief.
And it was furthermore
Resolved—That these several resolutions be inscribed in the minutes, and a copy sent to the family of the late Rev. Dr. de Sola.
(Signed) Louis Davis,
Lyon Silverman,
M. Schwob, y Committee.
Htaji David Moss, J. M. Teichhan,
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