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22nd of that month in the Beth-El Synagogue, under the presidency of Mr. E. D. J. Ezra. It is confidently anticipated that great advantages will accrue from the relations established between the parent body in England and the Jewish Community at Calcutta.
During a visit to Bombay, Mr. D. E. Schloss inquired into the communal and educational affairs of the Beni-Israel, and made to the representatives of that body valuable suggestions, which it is gratifying to know were well received. In conformity with his advice, the Branch of the Anglo-Jewish Association was reconstructed upon a larger scale. The Hon. Solomon D. Sassoon undertook the Presidency, Mr. Jacob E. Sassoon the Vice-Presidency, Mr. Haeem Samuel the office of Treasurer, and Mr. Selim S. Solomon that of Hon. Secretary.
Mr. Abraham A. Elliasy, of Jew Town, Cochin, on receiving from Mr. Haeem Samuel a copy of this year's report of the Beni Israel School at Bombay, applied for a contribution to the Maharajah of Tra-vancore, who appears to take an enlightened interest in the advancement of education. His Highness complied with this application, and forwarded through his Minister to Mr. Selim S. Solomon, Hon. Secretary of the Bombay Branch, a donation of 200 rupees. The value of this amount (£16 Is. lid.) has been transmitted by Mr. Solomon to the office of the Anglo-Jewish Association. Copies of Mr. Elliasy's correspondence justify the expectation that this gentleman is kindly disposed to use his influence at

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