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EpHRAIM L. ZoX, Esq., M.P., President.
moses moses, Esq., m.a., Vice-President and Treasurer', nahum baenet, Esq., Uon. Secrttarij.
t. barnet, Esq., J.P. P. blashki, Esq.
Jacob A. Cantor, Esq. W. Davis, Esq.
Joseph Levi, Esq.
N. Levinson, Esq. Edward Marks, Esq. Mark Marks, Esq., J. P. Philip Perlstein, Esq. E. Steinfeld, Esq., J.P.
The Council, in presenting their Ninth Annual Report, have much pleasure in informing the Members that, notwithstanding the call made upon the Community on behalf of the persecuted Russian Jews, the amount of subscriptions received this year shows an increase on those of previous years, thus clearly proving that the Jewish public of Victoria appreciate the good work effected by the Parent Institution.
The Rtjsso-Jewish Relief Fund.—The amount subscribed on behalf of the Russo-Jewish Relief Fund reached a total of £1,793 12s. 9d, (balance-sheet appended), a sum worthy of the charitable feelings of the general public of the Colony, and fully proving the amount of sympathy evinced by all denominations for the victims of the recent terrible calamities .in Russia. The Council desire to thank their Christian fellow-Colonists for their valuable assistance, so generously rendered.
The Rev. Isidore Myers' Mission.—The Rev. Isidore Myers, B.A., having placed his gratuitous services at the disposal of the Council for the purpose of augmenting the Russo-Jewish Relief Fund, the Council take this opportunity of offering their thanks to Mr. Myers for his valuable aid. The Council are also indebted to the Sandhurst Hebrew Congregation for the courtesy extended to the Rev. Isidore Myers by granting him a prolonged leave of absence, in order to allow him to pursue his philanthropic mission.
The Young Men's Russian Fund.—The Council appreciate the indefatigable exertions displayed by the Jewish youth of Victoria in the interests of the Russian Fund. Their action -in this matter is gratifying, inasmuch as it unmistakably proves that the rising generation keenly appreciates the bond of union which exists between Jews in all parts of the world,
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