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superintending the repatriation of those Russian refugees who from ill health are obliged to return to their native land. Fortunately these bear but a minute proportion to the many thousands sent from Liverpool to America last year.
f,fc 1SnU^tIie. highest degree gratifying to know that the great bulk of Russian Jews now in the United States and the Dominion of Canada are not only doing well, but those located m the Far West are in a most flourishing condition, and are being rapidly absorbed with the Transatlantic Jewish population. 1 r
The early reports made by the President of this Branch to the various London Committees that the majority of the Russian refugees were either bond fide artisans or agriculturists; and not petty traders, have now been amply confirmed. Reports from America give undeniable proof that the vast proportion of the^ emigrants are now earning wages as mechanics, and that their employers, who in most cases are Christians, appreciate the steady and sober qualities of their Jewish workmen.
This Committee have from time to time been strongly urged to take local action in disavowing the foul charges made against our co-religionists on the Continent, especially in Hungary. They have declined to do so. It is satisfactory to find that against communities as against individuals it is futile to fling wild and reckless accusations which cannot bear the test^ oi proof or investigation. They considered the charges against the Jews in Hungary as unworthy of defence, and our communities will be able to live them down, and show the baseness of the accusations. The Branch have keenly appreciated the excellent efforts of Baron de Worms, M.P., in his endeavours in the House of Commons to defend his coreligionists, and tender him their cordial appreciation of his chivalrous action on their behalf. They also convey their thanks to the Rev. A. Lowy for his active and unwearied correspondence.
The Committee venture to hope that they may long continue to co-operate in the excellent work which the Anglo-Jewish Association is performing in the cause of our brethren in faith
throughout the world.
President. (Signed) E. M. DAVIS,
Treasurer. (Signed) II. M. SILVER,
IIo. i. Secretary.
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