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For instance, Roumania, whose autonomy was constituted by the Treaty of Berlin, and whose obligation to emancipate the Roumanian Jews (250,000 souls) was formulated in the same Treaty, has in the last two years emancipated six Jews. As the Roumanian Chambers continue to deprive the Jews of every chance of gaining an honest livelihood, numerous applications have reached the Anglo-Jewish Association to encourage emigration from Roumania on an extensive scale.
Although the three millions of Jews in Russia have not been terrorised during the past year, as formerly, by Jew-hating officials and an ignorant peasantry, great anxieties continue to be entertained by the Jewish population, because, in cases of injustice on the part of prejudiced authorities, the law prevents the Jews from bringing their complaints under the notice of the Government. In this instance, as well as in Roumania, the Council confidently look forward to the effect which they trust will continue to be produced, as heretofore, by the enlightened public opinion of the civilised world.
Turning now from the symptoms of the evil to its cause, it is admitted that Education is the most effectual preventive of such sufferings as the Jews have to undergo in semi-civilised countries. Evident proofs of the change from abject pauperism to the independence consequent on industrial pursuits are furnished in several portions of the present Report. Wherever Schools for boys and girls have been established, and wherever Trades' Schools have been
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