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adopted every measure of precaution, with the object of discouraging the renewal of such baseless accusa-tions.
In Persia, the persecution of the Jews has been checked through the efforts which the Anglo-Jewish Association has persistently made from year to year. The Council have now the satisfaction to state that by means of the encouragement and the good offices of Her Majesty's Government, and the aid afforded by some excellent members of this Association, connected with the firm of Messrs. David Bassoon & Co., the Jews in the dominions of the Shah have at present better prospects of enjoying the protection of their native authorities than was the case in former years. (See the section "Persia," pages 29-35).
Having regard to this improved state of affairs, the Council desire to bring under particular notice the necessity for opening Jewish schools in Persia, in order that the vantage-ground gained for the Jewish subjects of the Shah may be permanently secured, and that, through the benefits resulting from education, they may be placed on an equal footing with their fellow-countrymen.
In Morocco, the precarious condition of the Jewish population continues to demand the solicitude and care of their more fortunately situated brethren. The Jewish children in Morocco (who, as elsewhere, show great aptitude for profiting by proper instruction,) are left in a state of total neglect. For the creation of schools in the Empire of Morocco and for the maintenance of such institutions in other
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