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(c) Miscellaneous Occupations Money Changers ...
Musicians ...
Government Officials Assistants in Business Houses Medical Men Lawyer Mid wives ...
Persons living on their income Rabbins in the Talmud Torah (from 20
francs to 25 francs per month)
Rabbins in the Yeshiba (30 francs per month) ... ... ... ... ... Rabbinical Pupils (15 francs per month) Persons without a fixed occupation and who pick up a livelihood in the Community Servants ...
100 10 7 12 7 10 5 1 5 5 5
60 15
The preceding three categories give a total of 1,824.
To these have to be added 500 hawkers and persons of all trades. We have thus a grand total of 2,324. who represent the heads of Jewish families in Damascus, and each family may be reckoned as composed of four persons. A fourth part are really poor and in a state of dependence. Half of the entire number have to make strenuous efforts to earn a livelihood, and one-fourth are in tolerably easy circumstances. Only ten families may be regarded as rich, their property varying from 5,000 to 50,000 napoleons. The Community has been ruined by a Government Loan termed Serghi, on which the Government promised to pay an annual interest of 18 per cent. Nearly all well-to-do people invested their fortune in that bottomless pit, the so-called Imperial Treasury. Until now they have received not a penny either of the capital or of the interest. No Mussulmans and only a few Christians advanced their money to Government. People here are fond of work, but the chances of employment are few. There are no large factories or workshops, and the manufactures are still in a primitive condition. The establishment of an Industrial School at Damascus would be of the utmost benefit. The funds for forming such a School can, unfortunately, not be supplied by the impoverished community of Damascus.
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