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During the past eventful year the Council have maintained constant communications with the Board of Deputies, the Alliance Israelite Universelle in Paris, the Alliance in Vienna, with Committees in Germany, and with the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in New York, as also with numerous representative men in the Old and the New World; and all have offered their ready assistance in the exigencies of the hour. With sincere thankfulness the Council have to speak of the hearty co-operation they have received from the Branches of the Anglo-Jewish Association throughout the British Empire. Much of the success attending the spirited enterprise of relieving the multitudes of persecuted Russian Jews is attributable to the generous response made by the representatives of the Anglo-Jewish Association in the Provinces and in the Colonies. They have made their appeals heard in every part of the world, whilst an all-powerful and sympathetic support was rendered to the claims of the Jews by the impartial and independent British press.
Amongst the occurrences to which in the past year the Council continued to devote their consideration and action, there are noticed in pages35-39 several instances of "blood accusation." The first of these calumnies, which excited universal indignation, was made against the Baruchs, a Jewish family at Alexandria in Egypt, and it was the aim of that accusation to revive prejudices against the general body of the Jews. In watching the case of the Barucli family, whose trial was transferred from Alexandria to Corfu, the Council
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