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its foundation. Larache appears to be a most unhealthy spot, and as fever was then raging in the town, I found that all the pupils were absent; some of the poor little ones who had been attending school the previous week had since then been struck down by death.
For the information I obtained regarding the School I am indebted to the Master. It appears that in the morning there are two classes, consisting of 23 pupils. In the afternoon the first class attends, consisting of 32 pupils, making a total of 55. There is also a girls' school, 45 attending. The Master receives a yearly salary of 2,500 francs for the boys' school and 600 francs for the girls' school.
The total expenditure of the School, amounting to 3,900 francs, is entirely defrayed by the Alliance of Paris. The subjects taught in the School are French, Spanish, Arithmetic, Geography, and general studies. There are 6 or 7 Christian pupils attending. Great credit is due to Mr. Benoliel, who discharges his duties in a zealous manner, and appears to have the interests of the School much at heart. The Jewish population of Larache is estimated at between 750 and 1,000.
So far as I could ascertain there is no attempt to open Schools for the teaching of European languages in the large cities of Mequinez and Morocco, or at the ports of Rabat, Casablanca, Mazagan or Saffi.
_ Mazagan, seeing a boy on his way to School, I questioned him as to whether he learned any European languages, arithmetic, &c. He replied " Not at present," and told me that up till quite recently about 19 Jewish boys attended the School kept
by monks, and were making
metic and
general studies.
fair It
progress in Spanish, arith-is greatly to be regretted, though scarcely to be helped, that whilst it was found necessary to remove the boys from the School, no means were found to provide the Children with proper instruction.
There is a School of considerable importance established by the Alliance at letuan, but I was unable to reach this town. Only French and Spanish are taught, the boys showing no desire to study English. The Council of Administration of the Morocco Relief i1 und have for many years made an annual contribution of £80 to this School, but English having ceased to
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