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Mr. Benchimol, the Master, is desirous of taking non-paying pupils as soon as he possibly can.
IV.—SCHOOL at mogador.
Master, Mr. Judah Bendahan.
Number of pupils in school (studying English
and General Subjects) ...
Pupils learning English ...
Pupils learning Arithmetic ...
Pupils studying Geography, Grammar, History, 1st class... ... •••
34 30
Neither Spanish nor French have been taught in the school. I made, however, an arrangement with Mr. Bendahan, to commence teaching Spanish to the first class.
Hours of attendance from 10 till 12 and from 1 till 4. These hours are for secular studies, Hebrew being taught elsewhere. Attendance 5 days weekly for the whole school, the first class only attending on Fridays.
I examined the boys as Air as the limited time at my dis-posal enabled me to do. I devoted the chief part of the time to the first class, consisting of 6 boys, varying from 13 to 16 years of age. I found them very intelligent. They easily construed from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic. They parsed, read, wrote and spelled well, and had a good knowledge of geography and arithmetic. Several in the second class, consisting of 9 boys, are also well advanced in their studies. The third, fourth, and fifth classes can scarcely be termed more than beginners.
Considering that the total cost of the school is but £ 100 per annum, the 15 boys alone, in the first and second classes, may be looked upon as showing fair results for the expenditure.
There is much room for improving the condition of the school; yet it must be confessed that Mr. Bendahan is most desirous that his pupils should make as much progress as the circumstances will permit.
It is to be regretted that, unlike the children of the Tangier community, the children at Mogador are not indiscriminately sent to School. Of the 34 boys attending, only two belong to parents who are comfortably off, and who contribute to the School; the remaining 32 pupils are all poor children, whose parents are unable to contribute anything to the maintenance of the School.
Rabbi Joseph Elmaleh, who takes the utmost interest in the
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