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The income is barely sufficient for payment of salary to Master and rental of school rooms.
About 15 of the most advanced of the boys came to my tent outside the town, in the evening, when I examined them, and found them very well acquainted with Spanish, French and general subjects (English not being taught). It was gratifying to think that chiefly through European aid these children, living in this wild part of Morocco, were being instructed in European languages so as to fit them for leaving the country and making headway abroad.
There are about 1,200 Jews living in Alcassar. It is an unwalled town, lying at the foot of the Riff mountains, and is liable at all times to be pillaged by the wild inhabitants of those mountains.
The majority of the Jews here have become very poor, especially since the late famine. There are three synagogues in the town. Great credit is due to the Master, Mr. Pimienta, for the able and conscientious manner in which he conducts this school, situated in a wilderness and far away from the civilized world.
This school as yet has no subvention from the Alliance. The Master is Mr. Abraham Bencliimol, whose name has already been mentioned. He hopes soon to obtain an annual contribution from the Alliance.
At first some 30 pupils attended this school, but the local community, being as yet unaware of the great advantages held out by education, withdrew their children with few exceptions. When I was in Eez in June, the school consisted of 17 pupils, 10 being from 9 to 10 years of age, 1 of 14, and 6 pupils were respectively 18, 19 and 20 years old. It was most creditable on the part of some of these latter six that, having been engaged in commerce before the advent of the Master, they should on his arrival have handed over the management of their business to others and entered the school, where I left them working most earnestly.
All the pupils pay the total monthly fees, amounting to 20 dollars, five dollars being expended in rent of school room, leaving but 15 dollars or £-3 monthly for salary of Master. Hours of attendance from 8 till 11.30 and from 1 till 5 p.m.
The pupils are anxious to obtain an English Master.
While I was in Eez, a Mahomedan, 26 years old, entered the school, contributing 2 dollars monthly.
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