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appropriate mode of utilising Sir Moses's gift. The School continued open for fourteen years, and was temporarily suspended in 1878, during the late dreadful famine. It had been recently determined to re-open the School, and when I was at Tangier in May, previous to starting on my journey into the interior, a Jewish young lady, Mdlle. Eeinhard, arrived, she having been sent out by the Alliance of Paris as Mistress or Directress for the School it was proposed to reopen. On my return to Tangier, on 12th August, Mr. Haim Benchimol, a prominent member of the community, accompanied me to the Girls' School, where I found some 25 girls receiving instruction under that lady; and as my steamer was then about to leave the bay, I only had half-an-hour to spare, which I devoted to examining the girls in geography. It was surprising to note the progress they must have made, and the ready manner in which they replied to my questions in French, a language which most of them three months previously knew nothing at all about, considering the school had barely been opened three months. Mr. Benchimol, who takes great interest in this Girls' School, was most anxious that I should lay the matter before my colleagues of the Anglo-Jewish Association, and that I should recommend the School to the kind notice of the Council* There is no doubt that in educating the female portion of the rising generation a great step will have been taken in furthering the cause of general education in Morocco.
Master, Mr. Abraham Pimienta.
Number of pupils attending school ... ... 94 Number studying French, Spanish and General Subjects... ... ... ... ... 57 Number studying Hebrew only ... ... 37 Contribution from the Alliance of Paris 1,740 francs. Pupils of the school contribute annually 846 ,,
Total income 2,586 francs.
* Mr. David F. Schloss, who visited the school in the month of October, gave a detailed account of the excellent management. On his recommendation, which I supported, the Council voted a grant of £50 in aid of the Tangier Girls' School. I have since heard that the number of girls attending the School is now 100, the children of rich and pool-parents indiscriminately, as in the case of the Boys' School. The girls are taught French and General Studies by Mdlle. Eeinhard, Spanish by a teacher, Hebrew by a Rabbi, and sewing and embroidery by a Jewish Governess.—M; A.
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