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eleventh annual report.
Smyrna.—According to last reports, the Smyrna School was attended by 200 boys and . 1-10 girls. English instruction was being given to a small number of boys. Ali Pasha, the Governor-General of Anatolia, had sent his two sons to the School, a circumstance which was expected to be of advantage to the institution. Negotiations for the purchase of extensive school premises have recently been concluded, and an excellent building has been purchased at a cost of £T.3,200. Next October the Boys School will be transferred to the new premises, where also the Infant School is to be accommodated. The Anglo-Jewish Association has aided this School in the current year with a subvention of £180.
Sofia.—The Jewish Community of Sofia, having still to struggle with the difficulties occasioned by the Russo-Turkish War, has received a grant of <£G0 in aid of the local Alliance School. Since 18(9 the Council had urged upon the Sofia School Committee the necessity of educating the Jewish girls as well as the boys. A Girls' School is now on the point of being organised.
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