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schools in the east.

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liave, as heretofore, granted a subvention of £30 to this institution through the Berlin Society for the Education of Jewish Orphans in Palestine. An anonymous donor, at Frankfort-on-the-Main, has generously granted 40,000 marks (£2,000), with which a commodious house, to be utilised as an y Orphan Asylum, has been purchased.
Philippopolis.—-The Council have been fully informed of the requirements of the local School, M. Graziani, the President of that School, having sent regular reports of the progress of the pupils and of the state of the local community. The School, which was attended by 200 pupils, of whom 115 were admitted gratis, received from the Council a subvention of £40. Four of the pupils of that School obtained employment at Government offices. The Head Master, M. Loupo, who is described as an excellent disciplinarian, had been put by the Government of Eastern Roumelia on the Council for Primary Instruction.
Salonica.—The Salonica Schools were attended by 677 pupils, of whom 371 belonged to the Boys' School, 195 to the Girls' School, and 111 to the Infant School. Greek, Turkish, and Italian pupils were being ad-A mitted into the institution. The staff of teachers had to be increased, and the annual expenses now amount to £2,500. The Talmud Thora School, which received 1,200 children, was being re-organised by the Committee of the Alliance School, and involved great pecuniary sacrifices. The Anglo-Jewish Association this year increased its subvention to the amount of £150.
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