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schools in the east.
the progress made by the pupils, and I trust that under the good management of the staff of teachers provided by the Committee they will continue to improve."
Constantinople.—Through the unremitting exertions of Madame Fernandez, Jewish and secular education has this year been given to 330 pupils at two Jewish Girls' Schools at Galata and Haskeui. No report has yet been received on the attendance of pupils at the three Infants' Schools,—which have likewise been instituted at the instance of Madame Fernandez,—nor of those at Schools in the other quarters of Constantinople. But from the general statements received during the past year it appears that special efforts were made to increase the number of pupils at the several Schools.
Owing to the great distress amongst the Jewish population in that city, local aid is insufficient to cover the deficits of the several Schools. The Council, therefore, found it necessary in the present year to grant £200 to the institutions organised by Madame Fernandez.
Damascus.—The Damascus School, under the able management of M. Fresco, was attended by 85 pupils. The subvention of £80 voted by the Anglo-Jewish Association had not been touched when this report was under preparation. M. Fresco stated that the establishment of a Girls' School at Damascus was a great desideratum, and that the opening of a School for the teaching of handicrafts would also be highly beneficial. A statistical list of the occupations of the Damascus Jews has been supplied by M. Fresco, and
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