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large a grant. Even with this assistance the requirements of the Community could not be met. The Committee therefore appealed to Government and to the wealthiest and most liberal and enlightened of their co-religionists for assistance, and when it is accorded, as the Committee hope it soon will be, the School will be in a position to teach about 400 children as far as the University Entrance Examination.
" The present School, developed from the original primary School, was inaugurated iu April, 1881, and removed into the present building, which, as will be seen, is airy and spacious and well suited for the purposes of the School.
"As the School was registered for grant-in-aid, it was examined by Colonel Waddington and the Deputy Educational Inspector of Bombay ; only 60 boys and 29 girls kept the required period of attendance, namely, 100 days, and were eligible for examination. Of these 39 boys and 19 girls passed under all heads, in other words, 67 per cent, stood the Government inspection test successfully. This result the Committee think was satisfactory, considering the age of the School. It is but an infant, only one year old, but it is a pleasure to see that it gives promise of a healthy and vigorous growth. The grant-in-aid for this year will be Rupees 366.8."
The Hon. Solomon David Sassoon, who presided at that distribution, stated in his able address :—
" The interesting report which we have heard read, shows that this school has sprung from very small beginnings, and that financially it is still very weak. The support that it receives is principally from outside, and your hopes of extending its usefulness appear to be based on anticipations of further external assistance. I trust that your expectations in this respect may be realised, but I think it behoves you also to make an effort in the community itself. The amount subscribed is only about Rs. 50 per month, and this is not commensurate with the number of intelligent men among you in good positions. In asking others to aid, you must at the same time show that you are helping yourselves to the utmost of your power. There are of course a large number of parents among you, and they should be willing to make some sacrifice in order to secure for their children the benefits of a liberal education, combined with instruction in the language and tenets of our holy religion, such as it is intended to impart here. (Applause.) It is gratifying to hear that the Government inspector, Colonel "Waddington, was so well satisfied with
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