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During the protracted period of the trial close attention was given to the case of the Baruchs by Baron de Menasce and his sons, by M. B. M. Agliion, of Alexandria, and also by Mr. Marco Levi and Mr. F. Naggiar, of Manchester. During the time that the case was under the examination of the tribunals at Corfu, the utmost vigilance was devoted to the interests of the accused persons by Signor Giuseppe Levi, the worthy Chief Rabbi of Corfu. To these benevolent gentlemen the Council accord their warmest thanks.
The attention of the Council was repeatedly directed by members of the Association in Alexandria to the continuance of blood accusations of the same character as in the case of the Baruch family. As an instance, the following occurrence was mentioned An Arab girl, seven years old, had disappeared at Port Said, and the Jews were suspected of having abducted the child. An investigation being set on foot by the Egyptian Government, and the body-having been discovered, the murder was traced to an Arab, Ali Mahomed ben Chafey, who had committed the crime for a vile purpose. At the solicitation of the Alexandrian community, of which Signor B. M. Aghion is President, the Minister of the Interior gave publicity in the Moniteur Egyptien to an account of the official inquiry, and also warned the public press that an end must be put to the baseless accusations against the Jewish population of Egypt. The Council advised the Alexandrian com-
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