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always shown the greatest alacrity to render through their extensive connections every possible assistance to the Anglo-Jewish Association. Thanks were also voted by the Council to Messrs. Malcolm & Co. of Bushire, who had materially assisted the Council in their communications with the Persian authorities.
Need of Jewish Schools.—Letters from various parts of Persia dwell upon the great desideratum of establishing Jewish Schools in Persia. None but those which are promoted by European Jews will have a chance of being regarded with favour and respect by the Jewish population of Persia. The greatest difficulty which has to be encountered consists in obtaining the services of competent teachers. A first step to overcome this difficulty is being made by some friends of the Anglo-Jewish Association, who are now assisting a young Persian Jew to study in London with the view of eventually becoming a teacher in his native country.
At the end of July, 1881, the Association received the following intelligence, fully corroborated by subsequent letters, bearing upon an occurrence to which an allusion was made in the last annual Report (see p. 39):—
In Alexandria (Egypt) a Greek boy, Evangeli
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