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[Enclosure No. 2.]
Hadji Mohammed Hassan (the Kermanshah Agent) to Mr. Thomson.
iKm. 16, 1881.
Whilst I was at Booroojird, His Royal Highness the Zil-es-Sultan sent for the Jewish Community residing at that town, and. was very kind to all of them. Be recommended, them to the Governor, and told him in my presence that all the subjects under his rule were looked upon by His Royal Highness 'as equals, and he (the Governor) was to attend to all their affairs with the greatest care and attention, and settle all their business with equity and justice. The Governor promised His Royal Highness that he would obey the orders he had received, and would attend to all their affairs with greater care than before.
On my arrival at JSTehavend all the Jews residing there came to me, and in my interview with the Governor of that place I asked him to use his good offices in their behalf. He sent, for all of them and promised them personally to protect and be kind to them.
When I reached Kermanshah, the Jewish Community came to see me and I delivered the message and instructions of the Zil-es-Sultan to the Prince Governor, who engaged to treat them with kindness and to protect them. All the above-mentioned communities were glad and rejoiced at the influence used by Your Excellency on their behalf, and they are praying for your prosperity.
There being every prospect that with such beneficial interposition the status of the Persian Jews could not fail to be ameliorated, the Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association, together with the Board of Deputies, sent to Earl Granville, on the receipt of the foregoing letter, an acknowledgment assuring Her Majesty's Government of the sincere gratitude of the Jews.
The Council have been under special obligations, and they have passed a cordial vote of thanks, to the firm of Messrs. David Bassoon & Co., who have
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