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Teheran, shewing the satisfactory result of the representations which he has made to the Persian Government on their behalf.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your most obedient servant,
(Signed) J. Pauncefote,
The President of the Jewish
Board of Deputies.
The President of the Anglo-Jewish Association.
[Enclosure No. 1.]
.Mm. 24, 1881.
My Lord,
With reference to the letter enclosed in Your Lordship's despatch No. 44 of May 20 last, in which the conjoint Committee of the London Committee of Deputies of British Jews and the Anglo-Jewish Association call attention to the insecure position of the Jews residing at Ispahan, and to my despatch No. 94 of the 8th July, in which I reported the steps I had taken to obtain the removal of the grievances complained of by the Hebrew subjects of the Shah, 1 have the honour to state for your Lordship's information, that I have twice lately had occasion to discuss the subject with the chief members of the Jewish Committee here, and that it appears from their statement that the Jews of Ispahan are better off and enjoy more effectual protection at the hands of the Zil-es-Sultan, Prince Governor of that province, than their co-religionists in any other part of Persia. My informants were unable to cite any recent case of unredressed oppression at Ispahan, but they all agreed that everywhere in Persia the two worst grievances of the Jews as a community were the regulations which prevented them from occupying shops in the Bazaar, and the law which allowed converts to Islamism to deprive their relatives of rights of inheritance.
I thought it better to press these two points upon the Persian Government with a view to their removal, and to leave cases of individual oppression or persecution to be dealt with separately as they may occur.
I have accordingly made urgent representations with that object to the Minister for Foreign Alfairs, and His Excellency,
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